The Untitled Series


Renowned photographer and director Nabil Elderkin has spent the last decade traveling around the globe, documenting the world’s most exceptional people and places. Following our partnership in his first photography exhibit, 96 Degrees in the Shade, Stance is once again collaborating with Nabil on a limited-edition t-shirt release. In the second installment of Stance’s ‘Untitled’ collection, Stance partnered with Nabil to create a t-shirt design that features one of the most iconic images from his exhibition on Stance’s signature Butter Blend t-shirt. The image portrays a group of individuals from Kingston, Jamaica, from one Nabil’s travels to the Caribbean in 2014.

Along with the t-shirt, the collaboration also includes a signature sock design and signed print in a limited run of 100. All proceeds from the box sets will be donated to Surfers Not Street Children, a direct-response program that has been working on the rights of children in South Africa for over 25 years. Founded in 2012 by Tom Hewitt, the ultimate goal of the program is to empower the children it works with to leave the streets behind for good and become independent and self sustainable. Its success has been achieved through a multifaceted approach that fuses surfing and mentorship alongside psychosocial care. Using the proceeds from this project, Surfers Not Street Children will be working with Nabil on an exciting new program. To learn more about the Stance Untitled x Nabil project with Surfers Not Street Children, please visit