Untitled Series


A capsule collection inspired by the exploration of emotional and physical space by artist Julian Klincewicz.

Symbolically, the collection explores simple graphic elements, such as the Sun, Moon and Earth, as both literal and romantic representations of space. On a deeper level, News is a dive into the transitory space of the creative process; specifically, the dynamic between the introverted and extroverted natures of creativity, the balance between passive and active participation in inspiration, and a challenge to find beauty in all things.

Where did the idea of your "More News From Nowhere" campaign with Stance stem from?

I think the whole concept just came from a general feeling of listlessness--or awareness of a creeping fatigue--that comes from traveling non-stop, specifically traveling for work. It's kind of this double-edged sword, because on the one hand, getting to travel is one of the most inspiring things ever for me, but it can be sort of hard to enjoy those travels if you don't have a balance of home as well, of rest and peace. I was just thinking about that transience, and actively trying not to succumb to the fatigue, but rather find beauty in it as part of the process, and just recognize where I was in that moment. I'm pretty inspired by everyday things: buildings, light posts, the colors on a street or a tree, old signs, land especially--just like the mundane moments of real life. I think I get attracted to them or inspired by them because of their unremarkable-ness, their stillness--it's sort of zen--simply being.

The idea of the collection and campaign sort of stemmed from that place of just transient moments of beauty and stillness in everyday life. It could be a photo at the great wall, but it could just be a building on the way to the coffee shop; inspiration is everywhere. Rilke talks about how lack of inspiration is not so much due to your environment, but rather a lack of energy and imagination to find it. The campaign was about me trying to find it everywhere.

Who are some of the creatives that have inspired you and why?

Recently, I've been really inspired by David Hockney, Wim Wenders, and Dave Heath. Patti Smith has been one of my biggest inspirations, pretty much forever, and continues to be a role model and light of inspiration for me. I'm really inspired by music; often times that's at the heart of whatever project I'm working on, and what that work will become. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Against All Logic, Nicolas Jarr's house music project. Also, my friend Deaton Chris Anthony, whom I collaborated with on the music for the project. His work ethic, and body of work, and just his level of true creativity and freedom in creation is really inspiring to me.

What can we expect from Julian Klincewicz in the future?

I feel like expectations are often a bit of a loaded gun; they can really be recipe for disappointment. But some things that I'm actively striving toward that I think will make it out into the world are to make more music, to finish up a few photo book projects (a new journal and a zine or two), to do some kind of project with skateboarding, and eventually create this really large scale multimedia performance piece, and lots of books.

Words to live by?

I tend to land on new little mantras all the time. Sometimes they stick around for a day or two, sometimes for a few weeks. Just things that are speaking to me at a given point in my life. I'll share a few ideas that have stuck around for the long haul:

  • Recognize you are the other.
  • No man is an island.
  • "All things in moderation, even moderation." - Maya Angelou
  • Remember to share joy with others.
  • Lots of money affords indecision.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for what you need.
  • Be very clear. Say it simple.