The Untitled Series

Earth Planet Archives

As part of our continued UNTITLED artist program Stance has teamed up with Chicago based artist-illustrator, Cody Hudson; @struggle_inc.

Inspired by his iconic modernism and organic visual approach, we are proud to release this limited edition UNTITLED box set featuring a limited-edition long sleeve butter-blend tee reading “Earth Planet," and “Archives” screened on the sleeves, as well as Hudson’s iconic nature based illustrations on the front of the tee. The box set also includes a pair of Hudson’s Stance adventure socks reading “Trip Out” on the front of them. To complete the box set we teamed up with home goods company, Norden goods,@Nordengoods on a custom pack of incense…..Enjoy the trip……

Chicago to Joshua Tree to Morro Bay to Big Sur - Lover of the Natural World - Incense Burner

Road Tripper - Professional Amateur - Shape Cutter

Birkenstock With Sock Wearer - Plant Friend - Peace Sig