Here for a good time....

Spencer Schubert

Whether it be snowboarding, filming, or just hanging out with him you know it'll be a good time. There's no limit to his energy and his irreverent personality and often ridiculous antics mean non-stop laughter. Raised in Bend, Oregon, Spencer started filming around the streets of Bend when he was 16 for his first video part in local movie. Since then, he's starred in 11 feature-length films including 2022 video of the year Good Sport. Now based in Salt Lake City, Utah which Spencer considers the hub of the snowboard community, he splits his time riding Brighton Resort or filming in the street. We are proud to welcome Spencer to our punk and poet family. We sat down with Spencer to ask him a few questions about how he got started…Check out the interview below.

What was your first introduction to snowboarding? When did you know the sport was for you?

My parents were ski bums living in Mammoth mountain and that’s how they met. So I grew up snowboarding and being around snow my whole life. It wasn’t until I was in high school I realized I wanted to pursue snowboarding as a career.

What are some of your favorite mountains you’ve rode? What mountains would you still like to get to and ride?

My home mountain, Mt. Bachelor, holds a special place in my heart. That resort has shaped me into the snowboarder I am today. Now I live in Salt Lake City and have absolutely fell in love with Brighton resort. I’d like to ride those places with good conditions more than anything but other than that I’d want to check out some European resorts.

Coming off of 2022 Rider of the year what’s ahead for you in 2023 and beyond?

I’d really like to do more conceptual projects. It’s fun to hone in on a theme or create something outside the standard blueprint of a snowboarding film. Also anyway to get the snowboard community together is always the goal.

How’d you first learn about Stance and what did you like about the brand? How’s it feel to be part of our punk and poet family?

I’ve been following Stance since its start and have always been a fan of what the brand does and the products, obviously. I’m honored to be apart of the team and working with my idols Chris, Jed and Jill. I hope to get to know some of the punks and poets from the different principles as well. It’s really a dream.

Where can our audience follow and learn more about you?

You can follow my career and antics on my Instagram @shoeburt. Also keep an eye out for the snowboard film Ride is releasing this fall...