Spiders and Butterflies...

Sara Rabin

Known for her honest and insightful creations across any number of mediums, we asked Sara Rabin to lend her unique voice for an all-new toe-to-head collection from Stance and she did not disappoint. From spider-inspired sweats to cosmic aerosol prints, Rabin worked her magic on several different pieces for an all-over incredible curation. We sat with Sara to ask her about her collection, her inspiration, and what’s ahead…enjoy the read.

What point in your life did you know you wanted to be an artist?

Its who I am and how I relate to the world, it always has been. I just keep following that path. 

You art has elements of sparkling and shinny-ness in it, where did that come from and why do you use that aesthetic?

I’m a bit….immature…. I still like sparkles. Sparkles are here to stay. I’m very much a kid at heart. A lot of the digital work I make is to satisfy tween Sara’s taste. Im creating and living within my own nostalgia and my work speaks to that. There are also a lot of very extravagant sparkles in the manga and anime I consume. I'm a fan. I've been reading manga and watching anime since I was a kid. 

How did you connect with Stance?

Internet. Someone in the art department had been following my work on Instagram and suggested my name for this collaboration. 

What would you tell any up and coming young artist out there who look at you as someone they would like to be?

Treat being an artist like being an athlete. Repetition, consistency, no days off. You need to keep your brain and your hands active. Don’t fixate on if the work is good or bad, focus on being proactive about doing something artistic every day. Doodle in the margins if you have to. Sharing your work is important and easy because of social medial. put yourself out there. Be courageous and engage with the art community, but don't compare yourself to anyone else. It's a waste of time and just makes you feel bad. Congratulate the people who are doing 'better' than you and learn from them. 'Better' isnt real, but jealousy is. Take classes, be nice. Ask for what you want. Do not fear rejection. 

Tell us about where how you came up with the designs for your Stance collection?

When I was approached for this collaboration, I wanted to do something both creepy and beautiful. Something disturbing and femme at the same time. I do a lot of photo research. I prowl the internet. I had been archiving inspiration photos of antique jewelry on an auctioneer’s website and thought a diamond/bejeweled insect could work for this. This idea covered my bases. 

What’s ahead for Sara Rabin?

Man, I do not know. I think I need to go to Hollywood. Or get back into painting. Painting was not lucrative for me, and I needed to eat. Now that i've had some commercial success, I can do more of what I want artistically. I like painting but find it terrifying. There is no 'clt+z' in painting. I want to paint and I want to make clothes and I want to lay in the grass and I want to draw people and I want to cook more, I want to tell a story and I want to read more of others'. I want to teach and I want to be a student. I don't whats ahead but I trust myself. I'm not worried.  

Where can our audience find out more about you?

The usual suspects; Instagram, my website. I try to keep things updated but its getting exhausting. Everyone is feeling social media burnout, I think. If you see me on the street say hi.