Man of the Hour...

Nathan Kostechko

Just in time for the launch of his latest collection, Stance is proud to welcome artist Nate Kostechko to our Punk & Poet family. Born and raised in San Clemente, CA, Nate continues to find inspiration in the Southern California surf culture he grew up in. Having already earned himself a seat at the forefront in today’s burgeoning tattoo scene, Nate has recently branched out into the fine art world with some amazing paintings stemming from his wave rider roots.

To commemorate the launch, we recently invited Nate to Stance HQ to apply his signature style onto the walls of both our town hall and San Clemente retail location for all to enjoy... And the result was just as excellent as we expected. Because he clearly didn’t have enough going on, we decided to test Nate’s multitasking skills by asking him a few questions about his work in-between pieces...Welcome to the family....Check out our interview below.

Instagram: @nathan_kostechko

This is your first ever mural you are painting at Stance. Are you nervous?

Not at all. I’m excited. I have a feeling this process may unlock some new levels of how I approach my artwork across all styles and mediums.

How is it being back in your hometown of San Clemente Ca?

Feels really good spending time here. San Clemente will always be home to me. Driving around town all kinds of memories are popping into my head. It’s definitely a different town than when I grew up here but it’s still a beautiful place.

You have worked on several successful selling tees and hoodies with Stance, but this is your first sock design. Where did your inspiration for the art come from?

It’s hard to put where my inspiration comes from into words. I know I was really feeling bright primary colors at that point in time when designing it. Something about them feel childish and naive. The void of being a child is special.

You have built quite a following in the tattoo world. How did it all happen?

I’ve spent the past 20 years dedicating most of my artistic energy into improving my abilities as a tattooer. Not to be the ‘best’ or ‘out do’ anyone other tattooer, only to make myself proud of what I put on people permanently.

You get hit up to work with all kinds of different types of brands, what makes you keep working with Stance?

I love the community of people who are involved with Stance. From the employees, the team riders, and artist who they work with. I feel lucky to be apart of this family.

What is ahead for you in 2023?

Painting, tattooing and surfing.

Where can our audience find out more about you?

 I’m always sharing my current projects via Instagram: @nathan_kostechko, my website is a place where I show my artwork, and my shop tattoo Nathan’s Lounge is where you can also check out on Instagram.

Thanks so much for the the opportunity to paint a massive mural at Stance Headquarters.

Stance x Nathan Kostechko Collection