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For those in the know, the name Robbie Morales is synonymous with core BMX. Both an icon of the sport and influential figure in the industry, this New York native developed a passion for competition riding in the mid-80s that would soon launch his professional career and eventually lead to the founding of CULT, one of the most respected brands in all of BMX.


Emerging from the hotbed Long Island scene of the early ‘90s, Robbie quickly made a name for himself with his fearless style, innovative trick selection and larger-than-average size. By showcasing his skills in a series of contest placings, video parts and magazine covers for the likes of Go and BMX Plus, Morales became a staple in the BMX community before switching over to a more freestyle focus, earning spots on such prestigious teams as Zoo York, DC, Vans, Fox and S&M.


After much success as a professional rider, Robbie made the transition from athlete to entrepreneur. A decade later, he again decided to step out on his own and form CULT BMX Bikes, a brand dedicated to the production of high-quality frames and components with Robbie’s own distinct flair. Morales’ vision for CULT was to create an imprint that embodied the essence of BMX with top-of-the-line equipment while still maintaining the sport’s core. With an unwavering eye for detail and steadfast commitment to the culture, CULT immediately gained global recognition and a devout following that continues to this day.


For summer ’23, we are partnering with CULT on hyper-limited 24” Stance bike which also includes a size large mix-matched cobranded crew sock. Check out our recent interview with Morales below for more details on both this collaboration and everything leading up to it. 

Instagram: @cultcrew

BMX has been apart of the majority of your life, where did your initial interest for the sport come from? BMX has been apart of the majority of your life, where did your initial interest for the sport come from? 

Growing up in Long Island, New York with a group of friends that rode and raced BMX bikes, I was hooked instantly around the age of 12...

When did you know you were getting good enough to be pro and how did that feel?

It took a good 5 years for me to improve to a national level in racing...For me I never really wanted to be pro, it kind of naturally happened...

What lead you to consider starting your own bike co? 

I was getting towards the end of my run and I did not want to leave BMX...I was so passionate about it I knew I could start something special with my friends...

Cult has had fast success in core BMX, what do you think contributed to that momentum? 

I had a good education from starting and working on FIT Bike Co. for 10 years previous to CULT...From the team to the employees we have the right people in place who know what is good..

How did you connect with Stance and why did you choose to work with them on a partnership?

I had met Ryan Kingman and he helped Dakota Roche become a part of the Punks and Poets program...Seeing the brand grow from the first spot in San Clemente is super inspiring, and now having my friend Albie Rosario there I love the brand aesthetic, which makes it easy to work together... 

Where would you like to see the Cult brand in 5-10 years? 

Where would you like to see the Cult brand in 5-10 years? I definitely see the brand growing outside of BMX but still having the same core values...Time will tell...

CULT x Stance Collection