Stance Serves x The Ecology Center

Grow Eat Make Peace

Over the past 15 years, The Ecology Center has transformed from a single acre dirt lot in San Juan Capistrano, California to a thriving 28-acre Regenerative Oranic Certified™ farm and education center for southern California’s burgeoning ecological movement.

Indeed, proof that anything is possible when people come together, what was once an empty plot is now a thriving community where creatives, farmers, educators and culinary leaders alike are combining their individual talents to make a brighter future for all to enjoy while simultaneously growing the best strawberries you’ll ever eat.

Simply put, The Ecology Center exists to shift culture. By curating ecological experiences for visitors and volunteers of all kinds, the 501c3 nonprofit project aims to provide creative yet practical solutions for a prolonged existence on our planet. Led by a simple philosophy of “Grow Eat Make Peace”, this multi-purpose space functions not only as a farm but also a café, market, art gallery, classroom, skate camp, live music space and so much more.

Steadfast in their commitment to nurture a powerful connection between the land and its people, The Ecology Center is empowering a bold new paradigm of positive impact for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

In observation of Earth Day, Stance Serves recently stopped by the center to get an up close and personal taste of all their incredible work. Fields were tended to, fruit was picked and crops were chopped as we unknowingly prepared one of the best meals that

we’ve ever eaten. Because being responsible always tastes better.

Learn more about The Ecology Center here.