Nine Club

Stance is proud to present its collaboration with skateboarding podcast @thenineclub.

Guests usually include current and former pros, but they also incorporate filmers, photographers, team managers, company owners, and even pop-culture celebrities such as Lil’ Wayne and Ben Harper. The sock is limited edition and only available at core skateboard shops,, and

Tell our audience who doesn’t know, what The Nine Club is, and why you guys started the podcast?

The Nine Club is the best long form interview show / podcast in skateboarding. Each weekly episode, Chris Roberts, Roger Bagley, and Kelly Hart invite the viewing audience into truly unique, fun, and intimate conversations with legendary skateboarders, current professional skateboarders, film makers, musicians and influencers that share a common passion for skateboarding.

Why do you think you have had such rapid success within the skateboarding community? What makes your conversations stand out?

Our show has organically become a deep dive into our guests entire life and career, along with fun light hearted conversation. We always get told "I feel like I'm right there at the table with you guys". I think throughout the years there's always been magazine interviews and small video pieces done with professional and amateur skateboarders but there has never been a long form discussion with them where you can really get a feel for their personality and watching them tell stories you've only heard about or maybe read about. So I think that's really been fun for our viewers to watch and listen to.

How did you guys link up with Stance? What makes this partnership exciting for you guys?

Since Stance has been in the skateboarding world since pretty much day one, we've had relationships with team managers and other skaters that have been a part of Stance throughout the years. So teaming up with them has really been a no brainer for us, plus they make the best socks around! Haha

What's ahead for The Nine Club?

Sky’s the limit! We love doing it and we'll keep doing our thing as long as people are loving it, tuning in and enjoying what we do.