Marynn Letemplier

Abstract Translations…

Her style is influenced by the rollercoaster of love & life. She likes to play with symbolism, imagining stories articulated with femineity and poetry. Sometimes with her hyper realistic style in graphite or oil painting, sometimes with photography or typography. She likes to explore different styles and techniques, keeping her curiosity awake to navigate into her dreamy world.

Stance is proud to work on a collection with Biarritz, France based multi-faceted artist, Marynn. The collection features a Women’s cotton crew sock with the artists typography printed “Amour”, (Love) on the side of the sock, and “Le Feu De Tes Yeux”, (The fire of your eyes) printed on the top of the foot area. The no show socks feature Marynn’s “Amour” (Love) typography printed all over with a chain link design surrounded the words. To round out the collection Marynn lends us her illustration of her snake pattern design printed on the back of an all-gender cotton t-shirt, with the artist logo printed on the front chest area. We sat with Marynn to learn more about her design journey. Please read below…. Prendre plaisir!

Where and when did you first discover art?

My Granny taught me calligraphy when I was 10, for her generation the handwriting esthetic was really important, a sign of politeness and education.

Spending hour writing beside her with my glass of milk.

Then drawing arrived, the perfect escape for a kid who has her head in the moon constantly. I always loved focus for hours on something detailed, the perfectionist side quick came to me. I also remember my first art crush, at my granny place too, she had Mucha’s poster on the corridor, I did spend hours looking and admiring it, the complexity and the balance, women depicted the most beautifully divine way a kid’s eyes could see.

How did a passion for art turn into a career?

It started super smoothly. My first year of studies, some magazines and brands start to contact me, I had a blog with my drawings. I do reckon I didn’t sleep much this year, at school the day - on my projects at night - coffee, cigarette, adrenaline. And I never quit drawing, even if it was a double life heavy to carry, but essential for my personal balance.

What brands and magazines did you work with? How was that experience in your career?

Gucci, Instagram, Eli Saab, citizen k, wad... That was fun, always super different, I did loved work for magazines, back in the days, magazines where big, remember buying every week is a lots, spending hours reading and cutting photos for personal mood board - and to have your illustrations in a magazine, glossy paper, real object, the sensation was good.

Painting at the Kelly Slater wave pool was epic, moreover with my best friend Madi. Always amazing to travel and paint with your best buddy.

How did you connect with the Stance brand?

We did a mural at the San Clemente office with Madi. This is a magic memory; we had a lot of fun doing it and sharing it with the stance team!

What was the inspiration for your collection with Stance?

I wanted to give a little glimpse of poetry when you are about to jump into your day journey

What is next for Marynn?

I’m focusing on tattoo right now. I started 1 1/2 years ago and found a passion.

Now I’m working on symbolism, I put an emotion on every design I made. What’s magic with tattoo is, first you get the amazing opportunity to draw on people one of your drawings for life and moreover, people chose your drawing to illustrate a part of their life, give an aesthetics to a memory and I’m lucky enough to be the chosen one to do it. Feel honored.

When I’m not tattooing, I’m in my atelier drawing, sculpting, thinking about a future solo show I would love to do. I take the time! Realism is a poem about patience.