Louie Lopez

Stance is proud to welcome skateboarder, Louie Lopez to our Punk and Poet family. Louie was born and raised in Hawthorne California, and caught on to skateboarding at the young age 5 years old. By the time Louie was 12, he began entering AM contest, and catching the eyes of some of today’s most respected brands within the sport. We’re excited for what the future has in store…@louielopez

Growing up in Hawthorne, CA, what inspired you to start taking skateboarding seriously?

I remember watching X games with my older cousin and I always wanted to do what he was doing. We both got crappy plastic skateboards and would always mess around on them. I then got another board from the swap meet and a couple days later my dad ran that board over. I was saddened, but thankful because he took me to get my first real skateboard from a shop. I ended up sleeping with my board next to me in bed for the first bit in fear of it getting ran over again. I guess from that moment on my family knew I was addicted to the thing.

What skateboarders did you look up to growing up? Why did you look up to them?

  • Tony Hawk- Saw X Games on TV and that’s what got me fired up on skating.
  • Daewon Song- Local Pro and would always see him at Wilson Skatepark that was in Torrance, CA. Nice guy and amazing skateboarder so that had a positive impact on me for sure.
  • Tom Penny- Smoothest on the board. Iconic. And a very solid human!

How did you first hear about Stance, what was it about the company that made you agree to be a part of it?

I first heard about Stance years ago. Truly do make the best socks and boxers in the game! I love how diverse the company is with all the different sports collaborations they do. It was a no-brainer for me... hyped!

How have you navigated through COVID? Any lessons learned during this time?

I’ve been trying to stay as busy as possible and really do think I wouldn’t normally do as much since we usually travel most of the year. Trying my best to stay productive filming and staying healthy! Family time has been very valuable for me so that’s something I’ve been cherishing the most out of all this madness!

What do you do on your time off from skateboarding?

Lately I’ve been cycling a bunch! I recently got into it at the beginning of 2020 and have been hooked. LA is great for it with the ocean and mountains being so close together. Made me thankful for little things I normally wouldn’t have got to experience. Getting familiar with the mountains taking some much needed deep breaths and soaking it all in. It’s been a blast and it’s definitely helped me out a lot in the wild year of 2020!

What can we expect from Louie Lopez in 2021?

Try to stay as healthy as possible! Keep skating, keep filming and try to improve and keep moving forward. Everyone stay safe out there, we got this!