Jamaal Stanton

Since the inception of our brand, Stance has been fortunate to align with so many amazing sneaker enthusiasts that have aligned our various sock designs with some of the freshest kicks in the game. A few years back Stance aligned with East Coast, New Jersey collector Jamaal Stanton AKA @maallymall on a internal program labeled #PROJECT193 in which Stance would create unique one of a kind sock designs to align with various sneaker drops, and must have grails. Throughout the years, Stance has continued to stay in touch with most of this hand picked group, with Maally being one of them. To kick off the 2021-22 NBA Season, Stance called on MaallyMall to photograph and kit up our new NBA collection, combo'ed with some of his personal heat. We sat down with Maally to ask him about his approach on sneaker collecting, and how he got started… Step into the interview below. 


What got you into collecting sneakers? 

I got into collecting because of basketball. I’m an 80’s baby, a 90’s kid. That was a great era for College/NBA basketball. Back then I was hooping in Grant Hills, Stackhouses, Iversons. I had EVERYTHING I3 (Iverson). After high school, I started copping and collecting Jordans for casual wear. Now after 20+ years, the collection has grown to include Kobes, Kyries, Currys, Nike runners, Yeezy, Lebron, KD etc. Started off for fashion and turned into a passion.

Your collection is very broad containing multiple brands. What are some of your favorite pies you own from a few different brands and why?

It’s hard to narrow down favorite pairs. I get asked that a lot. For Jordans, my “go to” pair is the Jordan XI Playoffs. It’s a classic colorway and a durable pair that looks great even after they are worn down. I have a custom What the Kyrie 1 that’s special to me. Favorite Curry that I own is the Curry 1 Back-to-Back MVP. I recently received several Curry 8 PE’s (We BelieveOakland ForeverEat/Learn/Play) that are at the top of the list too. Favorite Kobes are What the Kobe 8Grinch 6Barcelona 7Fade to Black XI. The Kobe 1 Mamba Day are extremely special to me. I lost my mom to cancer 4/13/18. The date is on the heel of the shoe. She put the ball in my crib and is the reason I started collecting so it ties everything together for me.

How did you get connected with Stance? 

I got connected to Stance through Instagram. I was taking a lot of on-foot pics wearing Stance socks. I caught the eye of one of the sneaker brands who passed my name along to Stance Hoops. Stance had an influencer team by the name of Project193. I was fortunate enough to join that team and it’s been an amazing partnership ever since. Just shows you the power of networking and organic content.

What are some sneakers you are still after? 

There are still so many pairs that I’m trying to add to the collection. Kobe 6 Mango, Kobe 5 Inspector Gadget, a few of the Kobe 1 UndefeatedKyrie 1 Uncle DrewKyrie 1 WarhawkKyrie 3 RaygunKyrie 3 LuckKyrie 4 Cncpts LobstersCurry Anatomix “In the Zone”, that’s one of my ultimate Curry grails. I still need the Yeezy 2 Solar and the Plats. I’d like to get the Off-White Jordan UNC Ones and start collecting UNC PE’s. I need to replace my 06’ 6/11 DMP’s that got soaked in a flood. I’m sure I forgot a bunch of pairs that I’m on the hunt for. The list goes on for real.

Where can people follow you and keep up on your photography and sneaker picks ups? 

You can find me on all forms of social media @MaallyMall. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. I also co-host a YouTube Live show, @TheMondayMidsole every Monday night at 8PM EST. If you see me at a sneaker show or in Jersey, don’t be shy. I’m always happy to chop it up and talk kicks.