Jackson Dorian

Stance is proud to welcome Hawaii native, Jackson Dorian to its Punk and Poet family. Jackson is considered one of todays top up and coming surfers on the planet. At just 13 years old Dorian is already pulling off full rotations, tech spins and flips. Can’t wait for what the future has to in store. @jackson_dorian

Growing up, what famous surfers inspired you the most? 

Definitely inspired by Felipe Toledo, and John John Florence. Love their style, and what they’re all about.

Other than surfing what other activities do you like to do? 

Honestly I love staying on the board. Love snowboarding and of course skating.

Whats your favorite wave to surf?

It’s got to be Sand Points in Southern Mexico. It’s one of the funnest waves.

Best post Surf Meal?

Can’t ever go wrong with Acai bowls (X-tra large, with strawberries, honey and peanut butter)

Anywhere you want to Surf but haven’t been yet?

Maaaaan…Small Teahupoo would be amazing to surf one day.