Giving Tuesday 2022

Community Love

The Watts Community Core program was started in early 2022 as a safe and meaningful way to engage the youth of nearby Nickerson Gardens, a 1,066-unit public housing complex located in an area of Los Angeles known for gang violence. It was felt by local residents that the children in the neighborhood were in desperate need of mentorship, positive role models and a safe space to play. And that’s precisely what this program tries to provide.

The goal of Watts Community Core is to give the youth of Nickerson Gardens an opportunity to realize their dreams. To not only keep its participants out of trouble but to also teach the skills that will help enable and empower them in the arena of life. Hard work, discipline and dedication are all values the program hopes to instill. And most importantly, Watts Community Core provides mentors and guides to help the kids either avoid or disengage from gangs in the community.

Members of the program are required to attend school, share their report cards and inform the team of any issues at school. With positive support and dedicated coaching through the program, our hope is to see grades improve, behavioral problems reduced and gang involvement stopped. These goals will be tracked over the course of the program to better evaluate the Core’s impact.

On November 29th (aka “Giving Tuesday”), Stance will match your every purchase with a pair of socks to be donated to Watts Community Core. We recently teamed up with legendary photographer and Stance Punk & Poet Atiba Jefferson to hand out free socks to residents of all ages during a weekly food service in the Watts community. It was an incredible experience and one that we hope to keep going with another small gesture of comfort and creativity to add a little extra joy this holiday season.

Learn more about Watts Community Core here.