Get Out and Vote

Stance has teamed up with Punk & Poet artist Kevin Lyons, @klyonsnatborn, on a one of a kind illustration called “Get out and VOTE”.

The design is more than cool looking art on a pair of Stance socks… it's a reminder to use your given right to VOTE, and make the change you want for your future. For more information on how to register to VOTE, or information on what you are voting for, please visit the resources below.

At I Will Vote, you can check if you're registered to vote, learn more about voting in your state, and find out important dates in the election process.

Rock the Vote is a non-profit organization in the United States whose stated mission is "to engage and build the political power of young people." Here you can check on your registration, start the registration process, and find resources on how to volunteer.

At Vote Smart, you can find facts on thousands of politicians and issues in order to make informed decisions on voting day... Now get out there and VOTE!