Sky's the Limit...

Gas Giants

Stance has teamed up with Gas Giants, a media platform started by pro skateboarder Ish Cepeda aimed to showcase the lives of himself and his peers within the skateboarding lifestyle culture.

Ish grew up in Florida relatively close to Kennedy Space Center, which spawned a love and passion for space and science. The name “Gas Giants” stems from the group of planets within our outer solar system Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune which fascinated Ish and was the inspiration behind the media and brand name. Ish and his team visited some of our punk and poets to give them a preview of the new Stance x Gas Giants collection, and shoot some content with his friends and peers. We sat down with Ish to talk about his journey, the community of fans that love Gas Giants, the inspiration of the collection…Have a read below…

What was the first moment you can recall that made you fall in love with space, and the planets?

I think I was in 4th grade or something, but I remember opening my science book and finding the space section. Once I found that, I didn’t care what the teacher was talking about. Every science class I would always just skip to the space section. Especially the planets. I was fascinated by the size of some of the planets in our solar system.

Why the Gas Giant planets in particular were of interest to you?

They’re so interesting!! The fact that something that size could be completely made of gas was insane to me. Saturn is really interesting because it has no true surface, just a giant ball of hydrogen and helium.

When did skateboarding come into your life?

Around 2008, I was like 12 or 13 years old

How did you get involved with filming content?

Man a lot of people think I just started making videos. In reality I’ve been making videos since I was 15. I just have a platform now, so people pay attention now. I literally use to film on a iPod touch, I found a cheap fisheye and taped it onto the front of the iPod!! I didn’t have a computer for a while so before I had one I would edit on my PlayStation 3, some of those videos are still on YouTube to this day.

You have been gaining quick momentum on the Gas Giants YouTube channel. Why do you think you have a community of audience that loves your content?

I believe I have a very special group of friends, that inspire me and inspire everyone around the world. So people want to see the way we live. All my videos are super organic, nothing is ever forced. It’s me and my homies skating, traveling the world and kicking it. Playing Basketball, or at the beach, or even at the crib. I think people can relate to my videos, it’s real life. I’ve traveled all over the world and every country I go to I get recognized for the Gas Giants videos. So I know I’m doing something right!

How did you link up with Stance, and where did the idea to collaborate on a project come from?

Stance has been sending me socks for a few years. Stance reached out via Instagram, checking if I needed anything. Then I reached out to the stance team and showed them some of the stuff I’ve done with Gas Giants, we had a meeting and the rest is history.

What was the inspiration to include our punks and poets?

It worked out perfectly, because the people that Stance supports are all people that I’m really good friends with. Kader, Ishod, Atiba, and Reynolds have all been in my videos at some point. So it was super organic. Really glad it worked out.

What’s ahead for Gas Giants, and where can our community learn more about you?

More trips, more tours, more videos!! Dropping a new collection in a few weeks. I got some super cool collaborations coming up next year. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s gonna be dope!! I’m super happy with the way things are going. Gotta keep at it, and staying busy. I hope to continue to work with Stance and create more moments…

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