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Fender x MonoNeon

While Stance has always had an ear for MonoNeon’s unique sound, anyone that rocks a sock on the headstock of their bass can’t help but capture our hearts, too. Fittingly enough, our friends at Fender recently reached out for us to up MonoNeon’s sock game with an official collaboration style to coincide with the release of his brand-new signature bass. The result is a loud-and-proud striped design to complement MonoNeon’s often-fluorescent fashion sense. We sat down with MonoNeon to learn more about his story, style inspiration, and of course his love for music…Check out the interview below.



We understand your dad had a major impact on your music influence. What were some of your earliest memories of that impacted you to have an intrest in music?

Not only my dad had a big impact on my music but my grandma till this day still influences a lot thangs I do, especially the gospel twang I may have in my music. Also my cousin Johnny Morrow (age 69 transitioned 2019) was an gospel organist/vocalist from the Baptist church.. I use to take my bass to his choir rehearsals and jam with him and grandma. 

On top if being known to having a creative and unique playing style, where did your personal style stem from?

I’ve been dressing how I wanted since I was a kid. But it really started when I got into this fascination about avant-garde visual arts. I love high-visibility colors.. so I’m always finding a way to wear those colors. Recently it’s been quilted and crochet clothes.. it reminds me of my childhood when I carried a blanket everywhere with me. 

"I’ve been dressing how I wanted since I was a kid. But it really started when I got into this fascination about avant-garde visual arts."

Why do you use a sock on the end of your bass guitar?

The reason I put a sock on my bass is because of Marcel Duchamp’s readymade art stuff. I call it “The Readymade Bass”… haha!! A lot of the Dadaism, Surrealism art thangs inspires some thangs I do. 


How did you hook up with Stance and why did it feel like a great fit to align with your new signature Fender Bass guitar?

Michael Schulz from Fender told me about Stance socks, and I was like “hell yea.. I like their designs”. The socks I have with Stance are designed with my two favorite color combinations.. orange and yellow. 


You’ve played with legends in music such as Prince, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nas, Mac Miller, among others…is there anyone you have’nt worked with that you would like to jam with?

I’ll like to do some shiet in some way with Tyler, The Creator, Mike Dean, H.E.R., Erykah Badu, Q-Tip. 


Where can our audience learn more about MonoNeon?

They learn more about me whatever and wherever I be posting on my social media and the music I release. @Mononeon

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