Don’t forget all the incredible things right in front of you 🐇 🎨 ...


Fiorenza Gatti 

Elena Fiorenza Gatti is an independent artist from Chicago, IL. She is passionate about bringing her world of words, animals, color, and people to others. Her work surrounds deep thoughts and insights on her own, as well as others’ experiences with the world. Elena has explored her own mental health, well-being, and dreams within her art and hopes to make others feel less alone, seen, and happy through her pieces…Stance welcomes Elena’s first collection with 2 woman’s crew sublimated styles featuring an all over “Daisy Face” painting, and “panther cat”painting with the message “Don’t forget all the incredible things right in front of you”. The collation is rounded out with an all gender short sleeved tee, screened with her iconic cat illustration referencing her Italian last named Gatti.

Incredible Things Are Everywhere...

We caught up with Elena in her native city of Chicago to experience a day in the life with her…The collection is available at retailers worldwide and on

Where did your interest for art come from?

I would say my love for art started when I was so young. I really don’t think one person or event sparked this interest…it was just always something I was drawn to even as a little kid. I think it is just what I was meant to do.

When did you know that art was something you wanted to do full time?

I always thought art would remain a side passion of mine. I was hesitant for it to become my ‘job’ because I didn’t want to fall out of love with the process of creating. It took me a long time to finally realize I was ready to make art my full time career ensuring it wouldn’t feel like a ‘job’. I’m really happy I gave myself the time and patience to come to that conclusion.

Where do you find inspiration for your art and aligning it with your messages?

I really get inspired by music. I love to draw while listening to music and I think those feelings sparked from songs are really seen in my work. I’ll put on my Spotify classical radio and just get into this incredible flow of creating that feels so peaceful and cathartic. Other times I’ll put on Bon Iver, Flipturn, Fleetwood Mac or Mt.Joy and just jam out in my little studio while creating. Those are my favorite moments.

How was it connecting with Stance on a collection. What lead you to work with us?

I was so pumped when Stance reached out! I knew of Stance from other artist collabs, so I was really honored to create this collection. I had such a good time working on this collaboration over the last year. I visited the Stance studio in CA which was so incredible and I met some awesome people and friends along the way.

I really do think just keeping my head down and working hard every single day is what lead me to work with Stance. I’m a firm believer if you put in the honest work, you will see results. You just need to be patient.

You just quit your full time job to become a full time independent artist. How was that transition experience?

Quitting my job was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done. But I think I’ve really grown through putting myself in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations…I’m proud of the confidence I have started to grow since making this jump. It feels really good to say I am going after my dream.

What is ahead for you in 2023?

I have a few cool things cooking which is very exciting! Two things in particular I am excited about is my art residency at the Pendry Hotel in Chicago (March 17th-19th), and the Other Art Fair in Chicago (April 27-30th). But if I’m being honest, I don’t have it all figured out, and I’m learning that’s just fine. I’m trying to take it one day at a time, learn as much as I can from others, and say yes to interesting opportunities.

Where can our audience learn more about you?

I post all the time on Instagram (@fiorenza_art) and TikTok (@fiorenza_art) so you can keep up with me there! I also just started a YouTube Channel and that has been really fun, you can check out my vlogs at (@fiorenzaart)

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