Christian Gonzalez

Chapter 7…”Its okay to feel not good enough” 

Christian Gonzalez is a Colombian mixed media designer residing in Los Angeles, California. In a fast paced digital world, Christian’s work tends to evoke a pausing moment in a very non stop society, whether that be with a mental health advocate design, or a climate change awareness poster, Gonzalez loves to use his passion for these causes through his artwork. The “It’s Okay To Feel Not Good Enough” message featured on Christians Stance sock collaboration came about during an imposter syndrome episode, which to those that aren’t familiar with the term, is a psychological pattern where an individual doubts their skills, talents or accomplishments and internalized fear about being seeing as “fraud” and not deserving of all they’ve achieved. 

Instagram: @badboypapi

“As artist, we feel starved if we do not create. It’s a message to remind us that not everything has to feel ground breaking. It’s okay to not always love everything you do. It’s part of the journey.” -Christian Gonzalez.