Atiba Jefferson x Stance…

Your Socks Don't Match

The collaboration between Stance and punk and poet, photographer Atiba Jefferson, resulted in a captivating photography show titled "Your Socks Don't Match."

The exhibition took place at the 3110 Gallery in Los Angeles' Silver Lake district. Attendees had the opportunity to view stunning photographs featuring Stance punks and poets in various disciplines such as skateboarding, art, music, and sports. The event received tremendous support from influential entities like Thrasher magazine, Juxtapoz magazine, OPEN beer, Doce mezcal, Whiney Baby, and Waiakea water. The atmosphere at the event was electric, with DJs Nuge, Ako Jefferson, and Mike Danger spinning music, accompanied by a jazz performance by Jeff Parker.

The event was open to everyone and exuded a fantastic vibe throughout. To show appreciation for attendees, a limited edition zine featuring Atiba's photographs of the punks and poets from over the years was distributed, along with an exclusive Stance crew sock adorned with Atiba Jefferson's high school photo. The event was a resounding success, and Stance extends their gratitude to all those who came out to support.