Atiba Jefferson

Photographer Atiba Jefferson, @atibaphoto has become one of todays most sought after photographers. Not only has Atiba established himself as one of skateboardings premiere photographers, but he has also become a staple in pro sports, music, and lifestyle photography, shooting a variety of different personalities such as Kobe Bryant, Eric Koston, Kendall Jenner, Drake, and hardcore punk band, Turnstile. Atiba is one of Thrasher Magazine’s staff photographers, and Canon camera’s brand ambassadors. Stance is proud to welcome Atiba to our Punk and Poet family.

 @atibaphoto |

What inspired you to pick up a camera and start shooting?

I would say Spider-Man and my friend Josh Wildman inspired me, then I took high school black and white class and was hooked after that.

You have shot so many big names in multiple industries, have you ever been star struck, if so by whom? 

I get lil star struck…I’m very lucky to shoot the best, but there are those that just have it, Kobe, Jordan, Tony Hawk, Eric Koston Bad Brains, it’s anyone I grew up watching it’s always special but also fan of the next generation Kader, Klay Thompson, Turnstile the future is bright.

What are your other interest outside of photography?

I love to skateboard my self, anything music related going to shows, playing piano, video games, traveling, my dog and my friends.

We hear you are a big comic book fan, who are your top 3 characters? 

Spider-Man always number 1, Venom number 2 and Conan number 3.

For someone young and interested in photography what advice would you give them to get started and motivated? 

Pick up a camera and experiment there are no rules and enjoy.