A positively powerful POV

Beatrice Domond

Beyond skateboarding, the other great passion in Beatrice’s life is her love of photography. To hear her tell it, she simply can’t remember a time when the camera wasn’t around. At a young age, Beatrice’s mom would try her best to capture all of the moments and moods in their lives, building photo albums so they could always go back and reminisce. In college, Beatrice found herself in an introductory photography class and quickly fell in live with taking pictures of her own. Proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, it’s now Beatrice who’s doing the documenting in her own life and of the people that inspire her. She’s released several ‘zines and even her own book, appropriately titled “Fly on the Wall”.

With her first signature Stance sock set to launch, we asked Beatrice to go out and photograph a few of the people around New York City that inspire her.


I met Alvina on a modeling trip in Uruguay a few years back and I just love the way she’s handled herself within the industry. Always with confidence and an overall positive vibe.


I met Ricky in the summer of 2018 through skateboarding and our common love for photography. I instantly felt comfortable around him, as he’s as genuine as it gets…a REAL New Yorker. No bullshit. Ricky wanted to shoot some photos of me and document my skateboarding, and we’ve been shooting photos together ever since.


Coco and I have been friends since 2013. She’s an amazing actress, model, filmmaker… and most importantly, a true friend. She and I share a common bond to always watch out for each other. As a friend, I’ve loved watching her grow and am so inspired by everything she’s been able to achieve since moving here from Canada several years ago.