Since 2011 creative artist/ photographer 2wenty has been in the vanguard of the amazing photography style known as light painting. 2wenty uses a light source as his paintbrush, etching vivid strokes on a raw canvas of lonely roads and abandoned haunts. This is achieved by long exposure on camera and without manipulation in editing programs. 2wenty’s images glow with an alien beauty and form, but his emblazoned words express a very human reality with sincere and deep emotions. Stance is proud to present a limited t-shirt offering featuring a one-of-a-kind artist interpretation of the word “Stance” lit in Joshua Tree, California and printed on our cotton blend tees. We sat down with the artist to ask him a few questions about his journey. Have a read below. @2wenty

Where does the name, "2wenty," come from?

So that's just a nickname I had when I was 20 years old. I used to ride street bikes in the canyons, up on Angeles Crest. The older guys I rode with were all like 40 plus, and they just started calling me that cause I was young.

Then I used the number 2 in my name because for art shows, books and stuff, if it's a group show, it's usually alphabetical when listing the artist involved, and then it's usually numbers before letters so I'd always be ahead of everybody else. I'd be in a show with Shepherd Fairey, but my name would be on the top.

What camera did you start with, and what are you using now?

I started with Sony, when everyone thought Sony was a joke, and now they're a big deal. But yeah, I just seen the potential in their stuff, with the high ISO and all that, over everyone else. Then, the compact size of the cameras was ridiculous. That's what I did for digital, but then I jumped to film early. I just like that process of really taking your time to make a photo. I develop all my own stuff too, black and white and color.

What are some of the most interesting places you've traveled to do your art.

My art has brought me to places such as Joshua Tree, Utah, Montana, Florida, and hopefully, new places like Japan and a few other countries.

Tell us about working with Stance and why you created this art for the project?

So ever since meeting Stance, I've loved how they take care of their artists, and I've been super excited to try to work with them. I just want my art to be more art than a commercial type of thing. The art thing is just, I don't know, something from when you're a kid, it just doesn't matter about the money or anything. You just want to be a part of something that you like. Even just seeing the way other brands take care of artists, which isn’t the greatest, but with Stance there's a lot of artists that they deal with, and I’ve heard nothing but great feedback on how they take care of our community. Now that we have the tees coming out, I'm very excited for our release.