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Ryan Bubnis

Stance has teamed up with Ryan Bubnis, a highly talented and versatile artist whose work truly captivates the viewer's attention. With a unique blend of vibrant colors, bold shapes, and intricate line work, Bubnis creates whimsical and imaginative worlds on canvas. His art often explores themes of identity, community, and the human experience, inviting the audience to reflect on their own connections and emotions. Bubnis's ability to seamlessly merge various styles and techniques, from abstract to street art, showcases his remarkable versatility and artistic range.

Whether it's through his illustrations, murals, or gallery exhibitions, Ryan Bubnis continues to leave a lasting impression on the contemporary art scene with his distinctive and thought-provoking creations.

For our final installment of our Disney 100 Untitled series we teamed up with Ryan to help us bring Disney’s Pixar movies to life with a collection of illustrated adult, and kids socks featuring characters from Monsters Inc, Toy Story, and Inside Out.

The Untitled box set comes with 3 adult all gender sizze large socks and a set of limited edition patches from all 3 films. We sat down with Ryan to discuss his project with Stance and learn a little more about the artist…Enjoy the read.

What moment in your life did you know you wanted to be an artist and why?

I can’t remember a specific moment, but I’ve wanted to be an artist ever since I put crayons to paper and started mark-making and drawing.

Making things is challenging but also fun, meditative, and fulfilling. I love the lifelong learning and processes that are part of being an artist. Art and image-making is a universal language. It’s an open-ended, accessible way of seeing and interpreting the human experience and then sharing it with other people.

What were some of your early inspirations to becoming an artist?

The usual suspects, coloring books, cartoons, comics, graffiti, and skate graphics.

We know you are a skateboarder, who are some of your favorite skaters and why?

That's a tough question!

Mark Gonzales: Innovative and fun. An abstract painter on a board

Ray Barbee: No comply’s and positive vibes. San Jose

Elissa Steamer: True pioneer, ripper, and legend

Mike Carroll: I grew up in the Bay. EMB royalty, innovation, and style

Alexis Sablone: A charger with the best flick

Brian Anderson: A gentle beast. Tall skater with style

Andrew Reynolds: The Boss, frontside flips, and still doing it today

Nora Vasconcellos: Individual, control, purple, fun-loving, cat-person

Ishod Wair: Effortless style and so good. A contemporary classic.

James Alby: Style and flow. Portland curb surfer

I could list so many more. Just anyone that gets me excited to go out and skate. 

How did you connect with Stance on this project with Disney?

Stance reached out and asked if I would collaborate on a collection to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary. I’m a long-time Stance fan and I appreciate their connection to skateboarding and art. Working with Stance, Disney, and Pixar all on the same project was amazing.

What was the inspiration behind your Disney 100 project for Stance?

I chose 3 of my favorite Pixar films, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Inside Out. It was a joy to rewatch and dive back into the films. I pulled from the humor, the characters, the color palettes, and I got a lot of inspiration from the opening and closing credits.

I wanted to feature the 2 main characters from each film, fully rendered, and front and center. I filled the rest of the composition almost like a sketchbook, adding supporting characters, villains, icons, graphics, and shapes found in the films.

I loved the challenge of taking the existing Pixar characters and putting them through my own, artistic filter.

image of pixar inside out themed poly socks
image of pixar's monsters inc. themed poly socks
image of pixar's toy story themed poly socks

What's next for Ryan Bubnis?

A 2-person show in December with my friend, Nathan McKee at Chefas Projects in Portland, Oregon. Curating a few gallery shows. More client collaborations, murals, maybe some travel, and hopefully more skateboarding. :)

Where can our community find out more about you?

Instagram: @ryanbubnis

Website: www.ryanbubnis.com

Pixar By Ryan Bubnis x Stance