about the partnership

Spice up your Holidays….Born out of California and named after the people of founder Jose-Luis Saavedra's native Guadalajara, Tapatio is set to celebrate 50 years as one of the world's most popular hot sauces. Never has a sock been "muy salsa" than this red-and-white casual sock featuring the famous Tapatio label.

The company was founded by Jose-Luis Saavedra in 1971 in Los Angeles, CA. Prior to this, my mother would make the hot sauce and he would take it to work to share with his fellow employees which soon became a lunch time hit! When his place of work closed in 1970, my mother encouraged him to open a hot sauce company and between their shared work they made the delicious sauce and sold it. It was not an easy start and was very regional at the time, having been sold to local markets and grocery stores. Fast forward 50 years later, Tapatio Hot Sauce now has nationwide distribution and exports to over 25 countries.

"My father always stressed the importance of an education and to pursue what would make us happy in life."