Stockton, California

Neckface was born in 1984 in Stockton, California. In addition to being a graffiti artist, he is also an avid skateboarder. He dropped out of art school in 2004 to pursue these two passions independently. His work is recognized for its darkly humorous, naïve-drawing style, which often depicts ultra violent scenes of monsters and humans. Not only is Neckface a graffiti artist, he has also had a number of gallery shows and regularly hosts a Halloween Haunted House along with his family. He has collaborated with the likes of Baker Skateboards, Vans, Nike and Thrasher and has a number of collections with Stance. To find to more info on Neckface, please go to his favorite website

"If you're not liking what you're doing, when you finish that thing, you're not gonna like what you did."