Express yourself for Mental Health Day

“Having positive outlets is extremely important when it comes to maintaining my Mental Health”

- Jed Anderson

The Power of Presence

Professional snowboarder Jed Anderson is widely considered to be one of the best street riders to ever do it. From a young age, he’s not only proven himself in the technical realm but also as a rider whose leftfield perspective can always bring something new to the table. It’s this fresh and creative approach, along with an overall easygoing attitude, that’s earned Jed legions of fans and the respect of snowboarders worldwide. As such, Stance is proud to have him as an official ambassador on our Punk & Poet roster.

…But it goes much further than that. In addition to his well-deserved accolades in the snow and skateboarding worlds, Jed’s willingness to openly share his experience with anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder only serves to cement his legendary status that much further. 

At Stance, it’s always been our belief that feeling comfortable in your own skin and finding positive outlets for self-expression have invaluable benefits, especially when it comes to mental health. In honor of Mental Health Day, we caught up with Jed to hear some of his insights and how he incorporates this philosophy into his daily life. 


Stance: Snowboarding is obviously such a huge part of your identity and day-to-day life. What is it about snowboarding that does it for you?

Jed: I learned early on that having positive outlets is extremely important when it comes to maintaining my mental health. When I’m at a spot and I’m battling a trick, just really trying to get a clip, it kinda gives my brain a break from the thought patterns that I’ve maybe been having for weeks or months. It gives me a moment to be present and forget about everything else for a second.


Lots of people are struggling with mental health right now. Recent stats show 1 in 5 Americans are dealing with some form of issue, unfortunately. What would be your advice to other people?

I think it’s important to just get outside and find an activity you can do with your friends, just to have fun and use your body. Really allowing yourself to be in the moment. I really think we underestimate how healing that can be. Try a new sport or pick up something that you used to love doing in the past. Go for a walk, reach out to a friend, listen to music… anything to get you moving or in a place where you can feel present.


You mentioned earlier about listening to music as a positive outlet. What are your top five favorite go-to albums?

Pretty much an impossible question to answer, but here are five great ones:

  • Mobb Deep - The Infamous
  • Infest - 1987 Demo
  • Elliot Smith - Either/Or
  • Breakdown - 1987 Demo
  • DJ Screw - All Screwed Up, Vol. 2


Last time we checked in with you, you mentioned that you were learning how to cook. How’s that going? What’s your favorite meal to make?  

I have been cooking still… although, it really just depends on how lazy I am. An easy one I like to make is a rice bowl with tofu, kale, sweet potato, a fried egg and some pickled vegetables or kimchi.


Sounds tasty. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today, Jed. Do you have any parting words of wisdom you can share?

Do what you want, and how you want it.

Feel it's right. Go out and do it.

Think for yourself. And think for the best.

Be a good person and treat others how you want to be treated. 

Try not to be too judgmental. Today, it’s them. Tomorrow, it’s you.


Thanks, Jed. Appreciate it.