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Match Made with Shandi Alexander

New York-based stylist Shandi Alexander shares her inspiration and pairs new Stance styles with unexpected ensembles.

Styling ain't easy, we know. So, to freshen up your fashion, we created Match Made, an editorial by Stance featuring our season's best styles, expertly put together by a master stylist. This season, we reached out to Shandi Alexander, a New York-based stylist who started her career in PR at Christian Louboutin. However, it wasn’t long before Shandi realized she would rather be pulling the shoes than loaning them. Her career as a stylist took off, leading her to work with top publications such as Elle, Vogue, The New York Times, and Schon magazine. For our summer collection, Shandi serves us looks inspired by Stance's Southern California aesthetic, but juxtaposed against an urban backdrop of NY’s history. Get to know Shandi and see all of her styling combinations below!

Question: Three words to describe the shoot?

"Crazy, sexy, cool," in the words of TLC.

Question: Where's the last place you traveled to?


The stars and stripes deserve to be displayed. Pair the Come Together style with bare legs to pledge your allegiance or show off your super invisibles with a heel.

Question: What's the last song you listened to?

Probably Flamenco.

Question: What was your first job?


Question: What did you eat for breakfast today?

Flax cereal.

Question: What is your favorite type of Stance socks?

The ones with old-school basketball players, but second would be the Santigold collab.

Question: What is your favorite type of Stance intimates?

My sexy, metallic gold bra.

Question: What's your favorite project you've ever worked on?

I will say I love, love, love Stance. I've been a rabid hosiery/sock collector since living in Japan many years ago, so any time I work with Stance it's like a dream. My other favorite would be meeting Mikhail Gorbachev for the Louis Vuitton campaign, because I never thought fashion would lead me to meeting a historical world leader. Ever!

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Understand that it's not all about glamour or just about loving clothes. It's about the narrative and telling a story through clothes that truly drives stylists.

Question: What inspires you?

Most of all, the eclectic mix of people on the streets of New York. The style and individuality is endless, whether I'm on a subway, in a park, or walking down the street. I always see something that gets incorporated into future shoots.

Question: What is your favorite movie?

Medicine for Melancholy or Pretty in Pink.

Whether she's letting bare legs and classic crews do the talking, pairing two sock styles in the same outfit, Shandi keeps it original and unexpected.

Question: Any advice for aspiring stylists?

Understand that it's not all about glamour or just about loving clothes. It's about the narrative and telling a story through clothes that truly drives stylists... at least that's what I believe. Also, roll up your sleeves, put your head down, work hard, and be willing to do the dirty work that goes along with the job.

Question: What else is new? What do you have coming up?

I have a couple fun editorials coming up in the spring, and a punk rock bridal fashion show for NY Bridal Fashion Week, which will be new and super fun. I'm also trying to research starting a little boys' brand of clothing, because I can't stand that the only choices for my sons are cargo shorts and character Ts.

Shandi brings tropical vibes to the city with bright leafy crews and bold sneakers, for an elevated, but casual street style.

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