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D.J. Kaskade Travels With Stance

Kaskade reported Stance compression socks among the necessities he can't travel without.

Traveling around the world to D.J. seems like the best job in the world, but as Grammy-nominated artist Kaskade admits, it’s hard to be on your feet 24/7, especially when traveling through different time zones and dealing with constant pressure changes. His solution is to pack one carry-on bag with just the necessities that flow with his unique stage style while remaining adaptable to his commuter lifestyle. We have to admit, we’re pretty psyched our compression socks made his short list of carry-on “must haves” when traveling. With function being the most important feature, our compression socks are meant to circulate blood flow, which reduces swelling and discomfort while traveling. Benefits are reduced jet lag, a way more relaxed experience 30,000 feet in the air, and a much faster recovery when your feet hit foreign ground. But don’t take our word for it, take his.

Kaskade told the New York Times, “Someone told me it helps with jet lag because it keeps the blood flowing through your system. I tried them and I liked them, and now I wear them any time I’m on a flight longer than two hours. I don’t know that they really help with jet lag, because I’m always tired; I can go to sleep at any time. But I feel like I recover quicker when I’m wearing the socks.” (The New York Times, "What the D.J. Kaskade Can't Travel Without.")

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