Designed to step outside & look good while doing so...

Our friends at Topo Designs have revolutionized the outdoor space, turning their brand design point of view into a vibrant avenue of self expression, performance, design, and comfort. We partnered up with the Topo Designs to build an accessory collection inspired by the brands Colorado roots, and outdoors aesthetic all over it. We sat down with our friends at Topo Design to learn a bit more on how they started and where they are headed. Check out the interview below. 

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1. Where did the idea to start Topo Design start?
It all started with the idea that being in the outdoors and being in town don’t have to be separate personas and the line could be much more blurry than it had in the past. We have always been inspired by the history, the aesthetic and the function of outdoor gear and really wanted to take that and build it in a way that was able to be integrated into everyday life so we didn’t have to feel like once we were back in town we needed to transition to being a different person and vice versa. We were also drawn to the fact that there has always been a subculture in the outdoor world of people on the fringe that had a very strong personal identity and style and were able to mix and match outdoor pieces with fashion and lifestyle pieces to build their own unique kits. That was and always will be a source of inspiration for us and we look at that mix as a guiding light for what we do as a brand.

2. Were there any early inspirations on the design direction of the brand?
We have always been drawn to classics, whatever the era might be, the pieces that have managed to stand the test of time inspire us most. Our initial inspiration came from the classic outdoor backpacks and apparel of the 60’s and 70’s that we had as hand me downs from our parents. This was when nylon and early “tech” materials and were first being introduced. The color that was able to be applied to these fabrics was bright and bold and really established a new aesthetic that hadn’t existed previously. The build quality of these bags was also a big inspiration for us. Oversized zippers, the tough nylon and leather really ensured the bags would last forever and stand up to hard use.

3. You are known for making amazing clothing, bags, and accessories. Was this the original plan?
Surprisingly, yeah! We really set out to do what we are doing today. Probably less so from a business standpoint but definitely from a personal desire to build an outdoor brand. Our affinity and love for all the brands who helped us get outside growing up was the main inspiration for wanting to be one of those. Going from sewing prototypes in a basement to the idea of being able to do it for a job was probably outside of something we thought was possible, but, here we are. It's amazing to be able to do this every day.

4. Why did you choose to work with Stance on a collaboration?
We were super excited to work with a company like Stance that totally changed the game of a simple thing like a sock. To us, Stance is constantly reinventing what industry norms might be and then creatively executing it in a new way. The combination of graphic design, product design, technology and the ability to translate that to so many different uses really speaks to us. We were personal fans of the product, used it daily, and were super exited to have the opportunity to add the Topo identity into the mix.

5. What can our customers look forward to from Topo Design in the near future?
Definitely look forward to us trying to keep pushing the notion of outdoor forward. We are really invested in getting more people into being outside by reducing the complexity and exclusivity that many feel is a barrier to entry. So we will continue to make products that work in a bunch of different environments and hopefully build things that just make getting out all that better.

6. Final words to live by?
Don’t let anything stop you from getting outside, keep it simple and do it your own way.