You already know that Stance has reinvented socks, but did you know that we have an entire men’s underwear collection as well? Our men’s underwear line is designed with a stand out look and exceptional feel to keep your most valuable assets protected and supported. Still have your doubts about giving us a try? Here are five reasons why Stance Underwear is really the only underwear you need. Prepare to have your mind blown.

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The fabric is "buttery" soft.

We call it Butter Blend™ for a reason. This proprietary fabric is so silky-smooth on your nether regions that it feels like butter. The oh-so-soft material is created from a special blend of fibers woven with top-secret proteins to give you that silky sensation without compromising the support you need below. It’s like nothing your boys have ever felt before.

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The features hold true.

At Stance, we put a lot of energy into making sure we solved all the major problems men have been putting up with for years. The core-flex waistband feels like second skin, never rolling no matter how you move throughout the day or night. Plus, we transformed those itchy seams into feather-seam panels to reduce stitch irritation.

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The style is unmatched.

Everyone has a style and comfort preference, so we made sure there was something for everyone in our Men’s Underwear line. Whether you’re into the full comfort of a traditional boxer or your body building habits force you to wear briefs to save your quads from strangulation, Stance has you covered. We even engineered the legendary Wholester, a style that will cradle your goods in a perfect, silky cocoon all day.

“Fits great, super comfortable. I’ve been sampling all your competitors looking for my new go-to brand for underwear. I found it.”

S. Hassinger, CA

The reviews are in.

If you’ve read this far and are now thinking, “super buttery-soft fabric while my goods are cradled in an attractive position? This sounds too good to be true.” Well, the reviews are in from customers who have tried our underwear, and these two sum it up (you can read more on our site and social channels): 

“Fits great, super comfortable. I’ve been sampling all your competitors looking for my new go-to brand for underwear. I found it.” - S Hassinger, CA

“You put these on, and your whole world will change. I was the guy who thought it was dumb to spend more than $10 on a pack of underwear. I bought these just to try out what nice underwear feels like...When I put them on, my life flashed before my eyes. It was like the whole world has been lying to me about underwear. These things were magnificent and feel like nothing's there, yet they are supportive in all the right ways. Stance clearly made a deal with the devil to get this butter blend fabric. This stuff is threaded with angel's hair it's so soft. So, yeah, I recommend these.” - S Frazer, UT

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