Jay Nelson builds three-dimensional art on top of boats, trucks, and vans, taking special interest in the weight architectural forms carry in our lives. Foster Huntington was an up-and-coming designer in the New York fashion scene, who quit his job and moved to a tree house in Washington state, which he built with his buddies. Together with Stance Adventure, they bring you the Micro Machine.

"In the realm of the 4x4, the Suzuki is about as small as it comes."

Foster Huntington

What made you want to build this thing?

Foster: I've always been super into the shit Jay makes and I've always thought that the coolest stuff he's done is the real small stuff. In the realm of the 4x4, the Suzuki is about as small as it comes.  

How long did it take to make it?

Foster: I donno, like 10 days or so.

Who all was involved in the build process?

Foster: Jay Nelson, myself, Jack Halloway, Lane Walkup, Louif and Eve, and Java Fernandez. 

What do you plan on using the truck for?

Foster: It's mainly an art piece but it is fun driving it around. I think of Jay as an artist and it's cool to have a piece that he made.

How did you dream this thing up?

Jay:  I donno. I mean, I can't really remember how it came about. I think we were just looking at that Suzuki and thought it would be pretty cool to make a camper for it. I just kind of laid in the grass and made some drawings and shapes. Does that make sense?

What is it made out of?

Jay: It's made out of mostly plywood that is glued and bent. It has a Grace Ice and Water Shield that's a sticky tar paper that we put on top of it with copper on top of that. 

Have you slept in it?

Jay: I think I tried to one night in December and it was really cold so I ended up sleeping in the tree house instead. It was so damn cold.  

Adventure Extra10

"It's a little hard to get going and you have to push start it, but it will fly."

Foster Huntington

Does it really fly?

Foster: It does really fly. It's a little hard to get going and you have to push start it, but it will fly.  

Did you really fly in the car?

Jay: Yes. No. Yes?  

What are you working on now?

Foster: I'm working on a van photo book that comes out in October called Van Life. It's going to be some of my photos and a lot of submitted photos from other photographers and people that live in their vans. I'm also working on a stop-motion skateboard video at Movie Mountain right now. We've just finished the set and the puppets. We are going to start work on lighting this week.  

How about you, Jay, what are you working on now?

Jay: Right now I'm working on a restaurant/fish market that I'm opening with some friends called Hookfish. I'm also working on a Subaru Brat pop-top camper and a show for the Museum of Craft in San Francisco. They all have to be done at the same time so it's a little bit of a stressful time right now.

Any advice for someone that wants to build their own camper?

Jay: You kind of just gotta start. That's the hardest part.