We're so confident in our underwear, we’ve decided to let our customers’ opinions speak for themselves. We know what you’re thinking— and yes, these are real people’s social media accounts; and no, they don’t work here. And no, they weren’t paid to say nice things. These are straight-up fans of Stance Underwear. Without seeming too cocky (pun intended), we’re pretty sure you’ll be joining their ranks soon. Because when your  boys feel good, you feel good.

Underwear Testimonials Tie

"Wholester to hold the junk in place, combined with Butter Blend for comfort."


Why are so many guys sharing their skivvies on social? Because Stance legit makes the best underwear. We knew we could take our innovative approach to making socks, and apply it to men's underwear. So we spent months researching how to craft the most comfortable, perfectly-fitting pair of undies out there. Plus, combined with our creative talent, we’re able to give you something that looks as good as it feels. We’re not claiming to have reinvented the wheel here, but we DID reinvent the fabric with our exclusive Butter Blend™. This proprietary fabric integrates fibers and proteins to make it feel buttery soft, all while keeping your boys moisture and itch-free.

Swimbikerunlift, a self-proclaimed Stance fan, said, "Best in the game! No comparison--comfort and design (and I've compared them all)." Obscure.film, another Stance underwear lover, said, "I thought you guys couldn't get me to love you more, and then you pull this beautiful shit."

So let's talk fit. Brilliant under stress, our technologically-advanced waistband hugs your midsection without rolling or folding, no matter what you’re doing. These are undies that won’t ride up or fall down, always staying just where you want them. Even when you’re throwing on your favorite pants, the legs stay on your legs (shocking, right). And with feather seams, every itch is gone before it even starts.  So, the real question is: why wouldn’t you choose to go wedgie-free, itch-free, and sag-free? We know, it seems too good to be true. But the truth lies with the customers.

“I randomly found the brand Stance in Savannah, GA, while on a trip. I purchased my bf a pair of butter blend because they felt so soft. He is addicted now. Have ordered 5 more pair for him.” - Michelle_crnp

Soop_noodle adds, "Butterblend is one of the softest most comfortable fabrics I've ever felt and the wholester design has completely changed the game. Wearing some right now, once you go Stance you can never go back.”

Maybe you’ve never paid top dollar for your underwear, but your boys are worth it. If you’ve made it this far, you know by now that you won’t regret it.

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