Ishi Glinsky is a sculptor, painter and installation artist, who investigates traditional techniques of his tribe, the Tohono O’odham Nation, as well as other Nations to create contemporary homages to sacred events and practices. 

For Glinsky's UNTITLED artist collaboration he presents a celebration of wearable works. Featured within this limited edition box set is a slide belt of desert culture and 90's iconography with accompanying flash art stickers, a "Searching for New Hunting Grounds" T-shirt, size large cotton socks with "Big day" illustrations, all wrapped in a low key print. We followed up with Ishi to find out what he has been up to… Check out the exclusive interview below.

Since we last interviewed you back in December, what have you been up to?

Since we last spoke I've just opened a survey show at Chris Sharp Gallery in Los Angeles and I am preparing for my Public Art work for the state of California's Natural Resources Agency. Also, developing a few other projects I am excited to share down the road.

We see you have been working on a new show called “Monuments to Survival” Can you share some details about it, and where the inspiration for this new artwork came from?

"Monuments to Survival," (open through April 24th), is a solo survey show revolving around my oversized punk jacket sculpture from 2019, "Coral vs. King Snake Jacket." This piece is accompanied by new and older works that speak to my production process, attention to scale and how these aspects of my work are used to amplify Indigenous practices and stories. I've included my recent sculpture "AKA Ricky the Rat, 2020," a sculpture from 2013, "Tohono O'odham Basket," inspired by baskets from my tribe, a painting from my series "From Hides to Linens (Repeat)" entitled "Blue Rider, 2019" and finally a new piece "Friend Ore Foe, 2021." "Friend Ore Foe," is ink and wax pastel work on canvas depicting a trader from the 1880's. The intention of this individual is largely unannounced and left up for speculation by the viewer. Known to befriend or betray their Indigenous counterparts, these figures of westward ore-seeking expansion takes on an ambiguous or potentially threatening existence.

Can you give us an overview of your UNTITLED collection for Stance, and why you choose the items offered in this limited box set?

Personally, I feel like we have a really great offering here. The work selected for the box set is an intertribal celebration from the Plains area to the Southwest. I wanted to offer some pieces that were reminiscent of the 90's, represented in the slide belt and flash art stickers, with of course the quality and comfort of Stance represented through the "Big Day" socks and "New Hunting Grounds" cotton graphic tee. The illustrations found throughout, are executed in a manner that reminds me of my youth: symbols from my tribe, references to Tucson (where I'm from) and trench art from WWII. All of these pieces are wrapped in a protective paper, doubling as a low key print. Ultimately, I wanted the experience of opening this box to be something for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Where can we learn more about Ishi Glinsky?

For personal projects and updates on my art I typically post via instagram @1451 or my website, To hear more about my solo show "Monuments to Survival," you can go to