Stance caught up with pro skateboarder, business owner, father, and longtime punk and poet Andrew Reynolds on a few questions to round out 2020.

Last years Baker 4 was an epic high, then COVID hits, how has that shift been for you?

It hasn’t been that bad, skating is a good outlet to stay busy, and lots of kids are skating, starting watching some tv and chilling at home a little more, which is nice.

How’s it been parenting during COVID?

It’s hard to see my daughter bored and doing online school, less interactions with friends. I try to keep it fun, eat good food, go do things in places that aren’t packed with people. But definitely sucks for kids right now.

What have you been listening to lately?


How you going to jump in 2021, any plans?

All I want to do is skate and film as much as I can, that’s my focus right now.

Anyone you would like to shout out to wrap out the year?

EVERYONE! Keep your friends and family close, be kind.

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"Keep your friends and family close, be kind."