Throughout the year, New Balance and Stance have come together several times to celebrate the Art of the Kit. In doing so, we have released three collaborations that respectively paid homage to Boston and San Clemente, the GOAT sprinters, and 24/7 grinders. Now, this October, we are launching yet another collaborative effort. On this occasion, we are uniting to go All Out on baseball with three special-edition turfs and socks. 

"With the regular season behind us and playoffs underway, there is no better time for baseball than right now," says Tzvi Twersky, our Director of Baseball. "There is no better time to celebrate the game either, so we're proud to partner with New Balance on this performance baseball pack.” 

Though the three turfs-and-socks kits are related, all highlight a slightly different part of the game. The red/black Turf mid silhouette represents the American League; the blue/black Turf mid silhouette represents the National League; and the silver model celebrates the Commissioner's Trophy, which is awarded to the World Series champ. All three Turfs include translucent outsoles, two-tone TPU mesh and reflective elements on the mid, and metallic gold accents throughout. Each style is topped off with a Stance Diamond Pro performance baseball sock that ties all the turfs' varied features together, and elevates them to the next level.  

In order to celebrate the collaboration, we worked with artists Mark Oblow and Matthew Zaremba to design customized wooden bats. Each artist brings his own unique style to the collaboration.

Mark O Test2
Mark Oblow

Mark Oblow is a man of many talents and has developed his own unique look and style of art which is hard to classify but could be considered “multi-medium creative.”

Mark cut his teeth in the world of skateboarding, having had a creative hand in every medium possible from brand development to video, graphics to team, he’s done it all. He’s been shooting photos since the age of 14 with a long time affinity for fashion photography. Couple the photography with the raw art creativity and you get a unique and one-of-a-kind result that is sure to draw you in to want to see more.

Mattz Gif Test1
Matthew Zaremba

Zaremba's work examines the human condition, and the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of relationships, communication, and the mind.

Matthew Zaremba is a published visual artist and writer based out of Boston, MA, whose work has been exhibited across the United States and abroad. Zaremba's work examines the human condition, and the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of relationships, communication, and the mind. Since baseball is arguably part of the human condition in America, he was perfect for this particular collaboration.

The special collection is available at, Eastbay and other fine retailers.