In your interview with Thrasher back in 2005, you mentioned that you didn’t want to collaborate with brands on the usual kinds of products and would much rather do a Neckface branded Mac & Cheese. Did you ever make that happen?

Ha! No, I did not make that Mac & Cheese because you didn’t help me.

These days, what is inspiring your art?

This new house that I moved into and this new back yard. Space to do shit that I want to and not having to drive to Culver City to do it. My friends dying. Ha. They are inspiring me to draw shit for them that I think they would be hyped on. Im currently making a tombstone for my friend Jake out of cement, Ive never done that yet, never made a tombstone for your friend dying. So that’s new.

Who is your favorite horror movie villain?

Ive already said Freddy Kruger a million times, but let me think of something else. Um, probably the cat from Pet Cemetery. Not from the new movie, the old one. I fucking hate cats, so that’s a good one.

Neckface poster

"I'm currently making a tombstone for my friend Jake out of cement, I've never done that yet, never made a tombstone for a friend dying. So that’s new."

Where would your oldest tag be that someone could still go see today?

My oldest tag that someone could probably still go see is probably from 2002 or 2003 and its on a brownstone in Prospect Park or some shit or Bushwick. Its somewhere deep in Brooklyn when Bushwick was still Bushwick and not East Williamsburg, before it turned all trendy. The trendiness is starting to expand into deep Brooklyn where I was running around and people were just starting to discover old tags over there. So it’s probably somewhere in Brooklyn. One of the last survivors that you can probably still see publicly. There is probably some underground in the subways too.

What is your favorite city that you have ever created art in?

Um, I would say Sydney Australia as far as paintings go. I did a lot of paintings there because I pretty much lived there. I would just wake up and paint. Kings Cross to be exact. As far as graffiti, I would say Mexico City, Japan and Vietnam. Vietnam was awesome because it was pretty sketchy at night. There were hookers and people on scooters going crazy. I would see hookers and people doing sketchy shit and they aint gonna care about me painting on a wall.

Whose boards were you skating as a kid?

Well if we are speaking technically, my brother's boards, which were like Roskopp or Hosoi boards or Corey O’Brien boards. Whatever was popular in the 80s. They were sitting around in the garage and I would grab ‘em and throw some WD40 on them and start cruising. Pro models that I was riding?... Ummm. I remember we stole a bunch of boards from a skate shop that was like a sporting goods store that was kinda not even a skate shop. They had surfboards and shit for sale and where I'm from, there is no water that you could surf on anywhere. It was just a stupid ass sporting goods store and we would just rob them. But I remember stealing a Tony Trujillo board, a flamingo Anti-Hero board. But mainly I would make my own boards. I would buy blanks and start drawing on them.

Where can we go to find more about Neckface?

Ah, you could check out this website, it's And you can click on the images or just click on any links. It's probably one of the most popular websites in the world that I'm on. Yeah, you can find a lot of stuff there and most of it is true.