Twenty five years ago, my friend DC (RIP) invited me to a record release party for one of Eazy E's artists, whom I had done album cover art for. At this event, DC introduced me to Estevan Oriol, because Estevan and I were the only Latinos at the party. Estevan and I chopped it up and quickly found out that we were on the same mission: to take our art to the next level and travel the world.


At the time, Estevan was road managing for Cypress Hill and brought in some of my first celebrity tattoo clients. He documented everything that we were into along the way: lowriding, art, music, life.

Head Tattoo

I learned how to tattoo through practicing on Estevan. He has some of my first tattoos on him. At the same time, I kept muraling lowriders and doing wall murals.

It would take many years, but our travels motivated us to come home and create a way to rise up to the next level. We took our underground art and connected it with the world. 

Mister Cartoon Tattoos

Here's to 25 years of our lives together as brothers and artists. Dedicated to DC for introducing us.