We have tremendous admiration for female creatives of all crafts and trades. Match Made is our way of celebrating the visions of some of our favorite stylists, by commissioning them to produce a photo shoot in its entirety. We supply the product, they create the story, and procure the cast and the production crew.

For this season’s Match Made, Los Angeles-based creative, Janáe Roubleau, who has worked with clients from Elle Magazine to Nike, serves up looks using pieces ranging from Greg Lauren to Doublet and her personal selection of vintage finds.

What is your background, how did you get into styling?

My mother works in craft service and when I was younger she would take me to work as her assistant. I would wander around set. I remember the first time I discovered the wardrobe/costume trailer — I was so intrigued. After that, anytime I went to work with my mom, I would ditch her and spend time with the stylist.

What was your first job?

I believe it was as an intern for the music video for Kid Cudi’s “Make Her Say” ft. Kanye West, and Common.

What was your last job?

I styled and modeled for the Stance Women’s Anthem ‘18 campaign.

What/who are your biggest styling influences?

I think working with what is available, affordable and functional suits me. For example, I like using accessories as tools to express your personality. Remaining true to your character is important — lately, it seems like the masses have confused “style” with “designer.”

Stance Socks Janae Roubleau Andy Madeleine 24

Any advice for aspiring stylists?

Maintaining relationships is key. Don't bury any bridges!

Most coveted vintage item in your closet?

A navy, velvet cape.

Most coveted new item?

Sacai Chinos.

Favorite era in fashion?

From the '50s to the '70s.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I appreciate quality streetwear and sportswear, but will invest in a really good Japanese design. Because, I love a good fit. Right now I have a uniform. I’m always on the go, but I refuse to be uncomfortable, so I want to be ready for anything I’m presented with. I need to be able to sit at a parent-teacher conference, hit an audition, visit a showroom, go to the grocery store, and do a work event or production meeting all in one day. My friends will tell you I rotate the same ensembles every seven days, but really, I just use the same pants as a statement piece over and over and swap out the tops, sneakers and accessories.

How would you describe the tone of the Match Made shoot you styled and directed?

I was inspired by classic ads photographed by some OGs we admire. We love how textiles and textures make us feel, so I think we allowed those combinations to direct us.

If you had to put a track to the shoot, what would it be?

We listened to whatever set the mood we were trying to create. That resulted in a weird mix of show tunes and grind music. Like a “Bridget Bardot vs. People Just Do Nothing” playlist.

Tell us a bit about the crew you put together to create these images?

There’s a lot that goes into producing, creative directing and styling a shoot. The energy brought to the shoot is imperative as it is magnetic. I factored individuality to put this crew together and it was magical. Thank you guys for being so open minded and for your willingness to explore.

Favorite Stance style from the shoot?

Uncommon Classic Lowrider.

18 Fa Match Made Social 13

Favorite look from the Match Made?

That’s tough! Probably the German Lederhosen shorts with the Alexa Chung corduroy blazer.

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Stance is a platform for celebrating female creatives and sharing their talents. What do you think about this concept of letting the Stylist be the curator of the shoot?

It gives us the control to execute a complete look. I might sound insane, but when I put an ensemble together, I know exactly how I want the hair to be styled. I know how I want the model to move. I have angles in mind. You’re not given that opportunity often because as creatives, we spend a lot of time pleasing clients or executing someone else’s vision. As a stylist/costume designer, this was just dreamy.

Creative Director: Janáe 

Photographer: Andy

Assistant Photographer: Simone

H&M: Noël

Models: MiaStephanie, Amináh, Ashley 

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