Chapter 8: Graffiti, Art, Invention…

For over 2 decades New York City-based art materials company Krink has supplied many artists across the planet with colorful inks and tools to create their vision on surfaces from urban platforms to fine art canvas. Founded by artist Craig Costello, Krink was born from his desire for better markers, inks, and paints. Through the years, Krink has transformed from an experimental marker solution to a full-blown global creative brand. The Krink brand has attracted the likes of such brands as ALIFE, KITH, Modernica, Mini, Nike, Moncler, to name a few, all building limited edition products featuring Krink's iconic aesthetic and design.

For this Holiday, Stance teams up with Krink on a limited edition box set featuring a size L casual crew socks with an all over print pattern based on designs created by Costello on Krink Super Permanent Stickers. The box includes a co-branded K-71 Permanent Ink Marker in Super Black. and co-branded Krink Super Permanent Stickers to inspire creativity. 

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Krink supports many artists with premium markers and art materials. While in New York City, Stance got to meet two artists who are a part of Krink’s community and share a commonality of pursuing their passion through art and creativity. Learn more below.

“If you feel something make something. “

During an incident stemming back to first grade, when a classmate asked her to create an invite for a slumber party she wasn’t invited to, artist Caroline Caldwell knew creativity was going to be something that would ultimately be her calling. Born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Caldwell has spawned into a multi-faceted artist with interests in tattooing, customizing clothing, make up, art, and graffiti. She currently lives in New York City and loves the energy and artistic freedom the city’s energy gives her. She has currently been traveling back and forth to New Orleans, LA where she recently discovered the untapped rawness and creative outlets the big easy has projected on her. Discover more about Caroline by following her: @dirtworship

Forever Up!

Bronx, NYC native MODUS started writing graffiti at the age of 13 after he was first exposed to the classic film documentary Style Wars. His passion for graffiti and art has taken him all over the world writing in shanty towns in Ghana to major cities in Brazil and Cuba. Inspired by legendary graffiti writers such as KR, Wane, Rime MSK, MERES, to name a few, he sees graffiti as an ongoing outlet to express his creativity, and overall helps him keep a youthful outlook through his excitement for the art. Discover more from MODUS: @m0du5_L1St

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