We recently caught up with Stance Punk and Poet, and Milwaukee Brewer 2nd baseman, Kolten Wong on how the adjustment to a new team is going, his new signature socks with Stance, and the new adventures that await him in the near future… Enjoy the read.


You seem to be fitting right in with the Brewers, why do you think you guys are playing so well this season?

We got good chemistry on this team and collectively want to win!

Your first signature sock with Stance just released with Stance along side native Hawaiian / artist Aaron Kai. What was the inspiration behind the design?

The inspiration behind this sock was to bring my life journey to this sock with my boy Aaron Kai bringing his twist to it! Think it came out better then I expected!

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You're about to be a father. How’s that experience for you?

Pretty cool! I don’t think it’s gonna hit me till my child is here but it’s incredible to see my wife and how her body is changing to carry the baby!

What do you do when your not playing ball?

Love fishing and outdoor activities

What kind of music do you enjoy?

Love Hawaiian reggae music, Fiji is my all time favorite singer

What can we look forward to from Kolten Wong?

Same guy… I don’t conform to anyone or anything I know who I am.

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