JJ Wessels is a fifteen year professional surfer and freelance creative art director for a variety of companies primarily focused around the surf industry. JJ began surfing at age fifteen and developed his skill set to a early sponsorship with surf wear brand Hurley, Christenson surfboards, Uppercut Deluxe, Captain Fin surf accessories to name a few. JJ’s career soon hit the international stage as he began to travel to various countries around the globe competing and creating editorial publications. JJ’s editorial career has also expanded and gave him the opportunity to be featured in multiple international and national publications print and web media such as (The Surfers Journal, surfer magazine, Surfing magazine, Surfline, and ABC news to name a few. Stance is proud to work with JJ on our first cotton blend short sleeve t-shirt featuring a mix of photos that encompass JJ’s career. We sat down with JJ to learn a bit more about his journey. @jjwessels_

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What inspired you to be a photographer? 

My dad inspired my photography he always brought a camera everywhere we went

What type of subjects do you enjoying photographing the most?

The people and places i am around, the beach :)

How did you connect with Stance punks and poets, Mitch Abshere, Scotty Stopnick, and Brian Bent? 

How did you start photographing them? Honestly at this point Mitch, Scotty and Brian seem like friends i have always had! They’ve always been there for me!!! Scotty and i have traveled a ton together. Mitch and i have worked together on a bunch of things and Brian Bent helped me get my first sponsor “Becker Surfboards”

What type of camera equipment did you start with and what are you currently using? 

Here is my list

1. Canon R5

2. Canon mark 2 6d in the water

3. Canon AE 1

4. 16mm bolex

5. Super 8

6. Go pro 10

7. iPhone

How did your t-shirt collaboration with Stance come about? 

Stance has always been a brand that i have shared a common thread with they’ve supported so many of my friends and built a sold community over the years that has created some great memories, it just seemed like a matter of time that we would do something together! Stoked that time has final come.

Where can our community find out more JJ Wessels? 

You can find me on instagram @jjwessels_ or on my website jjandnatalie.com also on nobody surf app or the surfers journal https://www.surfersjournal.com.