Stance is proud to announce professional snowboarder Jed Anderson to our Punk and Poet family. Jed Anderson is considered one of snowboardings’ best street rider to ever do it. From a young age, Jed has been labeled an innovator in the sport. His creative approach to boarding has aligned him with some of today’s most influential sponsors such as Adidas, RIDE, and now Stance. We recently caught up with Jed to see what he’s been up to. @latexmansion

How have you been doing during the pandemic?

I've been okay! Just trying to stay busy and keep my brain and body active.

Outside of snowboarding what are into? Any hobbies ?

I skateboard, I make paintings, I make drawings,I like to take photos and ride my bike. I have been learning how to cook as well.

What has been your go to gear for riding lately?

Ride kink size 151, Adidas tactical boots, Adidas outerwear, stance snowboard socks.

You have history with Stance, you were on may years ago but then suddenly not on the team, what happened?

I honestly have no idea haha.

What are your top 5 go to music albums of all time?

Pretty much an impossible question to answer...Here are 5 great ones:

  • Mobb Deep - The Infamous
  • Infest - 1987 Demo
  • Elliot Smith - Either/Or
  • Breakdown - 1987 Demo
  • DJ Screw - All Screwed Up Vol. 2

You are known to be ahead of your time in snowboarding, why do you think people think this of you?

That is a hard question to answer about my self haha. I appreciate the people saying that. I work hard to push my self and to come up with new ideas. I want to keep snowboarding fresh and exciting.

Any final words to live by?

Do what you want, And how you want it.

Feel it's right, go out and do it.

Think for yourself

And think for the best.

Be a good person and treat others how you want to be treated. Try not to be too judgmental, today it’s them tomorrow it’s you.