Stance is proud to welcome Beatrice Domond to the Stance punk and poet family. Originally from South Florida, Beatrice has earned her way to become one of skateboarding's most promising future talents. Domond’s great character and amazing talent has caught the eye of some of skateboarding's most exclusive brands, such as Fucking Awesome, Supreme, Vans, Venture, and now Stance. Welcome to the fam!

Beatrice domond skate

What got you into skateboarding?

My dad brought my sister a longboard. She didn’t care much for it, I took a liking to it. I believe also Rocket Power was on tv, so I wanted to do everything Reggie and Otto did on the show. I just seem to gravitate toward things that are “different.” I don’t know, that’s just how my mind works I guess.

Who were the skaters you looked up to coming up?

I love 90s skateboarding. AVE , Dill, Quim, Lavar McBride, Ian Reid. I love watching Eastern Exposure videos, Trilogy, Love Child... I love Midfield (2009), but that video really got me like "wow skateboarding is awesome!"

How did you link up with Stance, and what made you want to become part of the Punk & Poet family?

Ryan Kingman hit me up, asked if I wanted some socks! I said yes, that would be rad. And I guess from that point I continued to build a relationship with the brand, and met Albie, and he asked if I wanted to get on fully, and here we are! I’m so stoked. Thanks Albie, Big Bless.

What is next for Beatrice Domond?

Staying safe and healthy physically, as well as mentally. Filming a video part, just staying on my skateboard, and progressing, just having fun. I love it so much and I don’t want to take these moments I have for granted. I want to enjoy them. I’m also working on playing the drums, and working on my art, so look out for that if you're keen.