Stance Subscription Terms and Conditions

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Welcome to Stance Subscription! Stance Subscription is a subscription-based program operated by Stance. Our website is located at (our "Site”). Your subscription purchases made through this Site are governed by these terms, our general terms of use, located here, and our privacy policy, located here.

We make awesome socks and underwear and we’d like to send some your way on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly). Let’s start by having you review the terms contained in this document. Here goes:

You must be at least 18 years old to become a member, purchase products from this Site or engage in any Stance Subscription programs. You have to live in the U.S. Sorry, we don't ship outside the United States (or to Puerto Rico), but check back often; things change. By using this Site, enrolling as a member of our Stance Subscription program, and/or purchasing items through the program, you are agreeing to these terms (including automatic renewal of your subscription). Please review the terms here so you can understand your options and obligations.

How You Subscribe

To become a Stance Subscription member, simply click any of the "Subscription" buttons located throughout the Site. You will be asked to select a particular sock or underwear subscription, package, frequency, and the option to upgrade your Subscription if you would like to select your products on a monthly basis (Stance’s “Subscriptions package”). Then submit your name and email address and provide your corresponding billing and shipping information. Once you've successfully purchased your subscription on, you will receive an email with next steps. If you have selected a Membership package, you will be able to pick your first shipment the same day you complete your purchase.

If you purchased a Subscription plan:

The date that you purchase your subscription will be the date that your subscription will auto-renew during any subsequent renewal periods. Such auto-renewal will be on a monthly or quarterly basis, pending on the subscription you elect at the time of purchase. Your shipment will be processed and sent 24 hours after your initial charge.


The date of your initial purchase is the date your "Customization Period" begins. The Customization Period lasts five days thereafter. During the "Customization Period," you can choose the product(s) you want for that shipment. If no product(s) have been selected by the close of your "Customization Period" at 11:59 pm GMT, then Stance will select the product(s) for you. Your shipment will be processed and sent 24 hours after you either confirm your shipment or your "Customization Period" closes and Stance picks and confirms your product(s) for you.


You can cancel at any time by clicking on the subscription details link located on your Subscription plan name within your account on If you cancel during your current term, your subscription will continue through your current term and expire on the last day of your term. 

The date that you purchased your subscription is the date each month or quarter (depending on your frequency) that your subscription will auto-renew. You will receive an email 5 days prior to your auto renewal period. To skip an auto renewal, you can click on the Subscription Details link within your account on From here, you will see a button to skip a shipment. Click this button to skip your current term. Once skipped, you will not see a charge from us until the date of your auto renewal period. 

If you suspend or cancel your subscription less than 48 hours before your customization window closes, your cancellation or suspension will become effective during the following period.

Here's what you can't do:

Change the method of shipping. Subscription shipments are shipped via USPS Ground.

We cannot expedite your order, slow it down, or move it to carrier pigeon.

Order more items than are available in your particular subscription. But here's the good news: if you want more product than you signed up for, you can always purchase a bigger subscription or place a separate order on

Use promo codes or discount codes. Sorry, discounts and promotions are only available for individual product purchases.

Avoid sales tax, if it is required in your state.

Gifting a Subscription

You can gift your favorite person a subscription plan. If you’d like to send a gift subscription to a deserving friend or family member, please complete the gift subscription information located on the site.

Gift Subscriptions may be purchased for three months, six months, or a year. You can also upgrade to allow your gift recipient to select their products or have Stance select for them. Once you select the recipient, you’ll be prompted to provide an email address for your recipient. Your gift recipient will receive a notification from Stance that you have given them a Stance Subscription. They can redeem the subscription using the code in the email along with their email address. They will have thirty (30) days to complete the shipping information, which activates the Gift Subscription. If we don’t hear from them, we’ll send them another communication after 30 days. If we still don’t hear from them, you’ll hear from our team to give you some options. Sorry, no refunds on gift subscriptions.

Gift Subscriptions work a little differently than regular subscriptions, though, so please note the following distinctions:

Pre-packaged subscriptions only. Sorry, at this time, we don't offer quarterly gift subscriptions and gift subscriptions are for a defined period of time. Gift subscriptions ship on a monthly or quarterly basis.

You can reassign your gift subscription if your recipient does not activate it within 60 days, but the recipient cannot reassign the gift subscription to someone else.

Once your recipient has activated the gift subscription, it cannot be reassigned to another person.

If you gifted a Subscription, during or before the customization window, a recipient may suspend a shipment, which will extend the gift subscription. If your recipient cancels the subscription, there will be no refunds.

Promo codes and discounts are not available for gift subscriptions or personal subscriptions.

Gift Subscriptions do not automatically renew.


Your Subscription Renews Automatically!

Except for gift subscriptions, which do not automatically renew, unless you notify us 48 hours before your renewal date that you wish to cancel your subscription, or elect to skip a month by pressing the skip a shipment button, your membership will automatically renew on your assigned renewal date. As a member, you authorize us (without notice to you, unless required by applicable law) to charge the price of one product shipment as identified by you when you created your subscription, plus applicable taxes, using the debit/credit card we have on file for you. From time to time, we may change the price associated with certain subscriptions during the term of your membership. If that happens, we will notify you in advance, using the email address you provided us.

Our Shipping Information

We ship USPS Ground. If USPS Ground is not available to deliver in your area (or the area of your gift subscription recipient), we won’t be able to work with you. We will send you or your gift subscription recipient an email when the subscription has shipped. You can find your order details and tracking information (when available) on the order history page in the account section of the website. If shipment of your order is delayed, we will notify you via email.

We'll Stay in Touch

As part of your subscription, we will send you emails advising you about our new product launches, information about your subscription, newsletters, special promotions, and general updates. You may opt out of promotional emails by clicking the "unsubscribe" link found at the bottom of all emails that are primarily promotional in nature. So long as you maintain an account with Stance, however, even if you opt out of promotional emails, you will continue to receive emails about your subscription. Please see our Privacy Policy, located here, for information about how we use the information you provide us.

Your Payment Options and Obligations

We accept all major credit and debit cards. The card you provide will be used for all subscription renewals. Please keep a valid credit/debit card on file at all times, and do let us know if your personal information changes, such as your billing or shipping address. You agree that we may update your information with information your bank or credit card issuer may supply.

If you purchase a second subscription, your billing information on the new subscription purchase will apply to all existing active subscriptions on your account. 

If we cannot process a charge to your card (for example, the card has expired or we cannot obtain authorization from your card issuer), you will receive an email noting that your payment failed. Once your credit card information is updated, your subscription will resume the following month. We are not responsible for any fees or changes that your bank or credit/debit card issuer may apply. the system will pause your subscription for that month and you will receive a second email 7 days after the initial failure notifying you to update your credit card in your account. You will receive a third email 10 days after the initial failure. If you do not update within 10 days, your subscription will terminate. 

If your credit card issuer reverses a charge to your credit card, we may cancel your subscription and suspend fulfillment of your subscription until payment is provided. Alternatively, we may also seek payment by another method through a mailed statement.


Stance is proud of its customer satisfaction ratings, and we work to avoid problems before they start. We are also committed to resolving disputes in a fair, fast, and cost-effective way. If you have any concerns, we prefer you attempt to resolve them first through our online customer service department email system at [email protected], and then through our customer service hotline at (888) 391-9020. If you are not satisfied with the resolution we provide, we agree to resolve the matter through Arbitration.

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