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The Secret to
Everlasting Life

We utilize a specialized air jet process to boost the texture of the fiber, and then blend with a selection of premium yarns to substantially increase resistance to rips and tears.

  • 1. Raw Material Dropping In... the Good Stuff.
  • 2. Extrusion Shaped, Force-Fed & Melted Down
  • 3. Air Jet Texturizing Scuffs To Make it Tough
  • 4. Textured Nylon Fiber Rough and Ready Ridges for Extra Muscle
  • 5. Secondary Fiber Additional Fibers are Twisted In... and Presto!
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infiknit anatomy casual socks
infiknit anatomy performance socks

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infiknit anatomy performance socks

infiknit anatomy casual socks

Casual Socks

Designed around your foot’s highest points of friction, Infiknit targets the heel and toe in all our Casual styles.

infiknit anatomy performance socks

Performance Socks

Performance styles incorporate a bolder Infiknit design, featuring expanded forefoot durability and maximized heel reinforcement.

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Our Promise


Guaranteed for life. Rips? Tears? Holes? No strings attached, we'll replace it for free.