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Depths Snow Wool OTC Socks

no. A718C21DEP
Price reduced from $29.99 to $14.90
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Dive into the depths with our ultralight cushion cold weather socks for snow and ski.
Made with Feel360™ to keep you feeling fresh all day and Infiknit™ construction for guaranteed durability, these socks go as hard as you do. OTC fit and Merino wool provide comfort that doesn't quit.



A classic sock height that hits the mid-point of your lower leg.

Ultralight Cushioning

Our most minimalist sock, these socks offer a lightweight, breathable barrier between your foot and shoe with no cushioning.

Fresh, dry,


Stance FEEL360™ is our exclusive fiber technology that reacts to your body's temperature for the ultimate in high-performance comfort. By infusing premium twisted yarns with a proprietary treatment, FEEL360™ eliminates odor-causing bacteria as it wicks away moisture to keep feet fresh and dry well past the finish line.

Guaranteed for life.

Infiknit™ specifically targets high-friction areas for an all-new super tough standard in durability. By adding some serious muscle to both the heel and toes, Infiknit™ guarantees a longer, stronger lifespan than your typical sock construction.