Star Wars Socks

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We stand behind our product and want to make sure that you’re happy. Not stoked? We’ll make it right.

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A classic sock height that hits the mid-point of your lower leg.

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Light Cushioning

These lightweight socks offer a breathable barrier between your foot and shoe with select cushioning.

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In a galaxy far, far away…. Darth Vader emerged as one of the greatest villains of all time. He's also one of the most complex. Before embracing the dark side of the Force, he was Anakin Skywalker, a heroic Jedi Knight--and a father. Once serving the Emperor, he worked relentlessly to purge the galaxy of Jedi. Nonetheless, he always retained a trace of good inside him. “Dark side” celebrates the iconic Sith lord from the Star Wars saga.

Dark Side Box Set Dark Side Box Set Dark Side Box Set