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Men's Socks

Stance Fusion works by joining creativity with technology to develop a single pair of performance socks. When art is mixed with science, the delicate balance of cushion, support, moisture management and traction control are blended with art. The expression of print, color and pattern ring loud and true. In the end, both the passion of creativity and laws of physics are satisfied.

  • Golf

  • Sable


  • Sable Low

    Sable Low

  • Sable QTR

    Sable QTR

  • Veteran


  • Veteran Low

    Veteran Low

  • Veteran QTR

    Veteran QTR

  • Basketball

  • Combat Grip

    Combat Grip

  • Crypsis Grip Mint

    Crypsis Grip Mint

  • Cubic Grip

    Cubic Grip

  • Overtime (Green)

    Overtime (Green)

  • Overtime (Lime)

    Overtime (Lime)

  • Tron


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