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STANCE is dedicated to the spirit of individuality with a design philosophy that believes in expression and function. Expression that creates an emotional visual connection and function that also provides comfort and performance. Building outstanding socks with the best fit and performance characteristics from the highest quality materials is the unspoken priority. The outward facing personality of the brand and our products are the creative and artistic stories that go into every single sock we make.

  • Men

  • Bajamar Low

    Bajamar Low

  • Birdie


  • Blackbrush Low

    Blackbrush Low

  • Calexico Low

    Calexico Low

  • Dimples Low

    Dimples Low

  • Half Commando Blk

    Half Commando Blk

  • Kalapana Low

    Kalapana Low

  • Knickers Low

    Knickers Low

  • Lahaina Low

    Lahaina Low

  • Maunaloa Low

    Maunaloa Low

  • Maytal Low

    Maytal Low

  • Overtime Low (Black)

    Overtime Low (Black)

  • Overtime Low (White)

    Overtime Low (White)

  • Plasticism Low

    Plasticism Low

  • Sanchez Low

    Sanchez Low

  • Tender Foot Low

    Tender Foot Low

  • Veteran Low

    Veteran Low

  • Zion Low

    Zion Low

  • Women

  • Kids

  • Half Commando (Kids)

    Half Commando (Kids)

  • Mariner Low (Kids)

    Mariner Low (Kids)

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